What brings people into your church?  There is a saying that is going around about things the church needs to do to draw members.  You will hear ideas such as:  talent shows, modeling, movies, plays, football games, and anything else that we can come up with that we think will draw people to Christ.  All these things that are listed are "gimmicks."  Gimmicks are "a method or trick that people use in order to sell something."  They are trivial or unnecessary innovations used as gadgets that are added to enhance or to appeal to an individual.  We do not need "gimmicks" to get people to come to church.  If the church does everything the world does, then how can we be separated.  2 Corinthians 6:17 tells us to come out from among them and be ye separated..."  God set us aside and gave us the gifts that we need in order to overcome the world.  Church is a place where we gather as believers into God's house approaching Him with thanksgiving, as we enter His courts with praise, and worship Him for being God.  We exalt Him for all He has done and for His many blessings and keeping power.  We do not need "gimmicks" to persuade individuals to come to the house of God.  We spread the "good news" of Jesus Christ's death, burial and resurrection, and His forgiveness of our sins.  We should share our testimony of how good God has been to us, and what His Son has done for the remission of our sins.  The church is all about spreading the "good news" of Jesus Christ.  

The word of God tells us in Acts 2:47 "they were praising God, and having favor with all the people.  And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.  In other words, God will add to the church as he sees fit, and we have to remember that it is not about membership, but it is about God.  When we who are called by God step up and do what God has commissioned us to do, the only service is to spread the light of His word.

So what "gimmick" are you utilizing to invite an unbeliever to attend your church.  Do you (for lack of a better phrase) tell them: "Why don't you come to our church this week.  Our pastor is so funny."  Or do you say:  "Our choir is the best on the Peninsula."  Or do you invite a lost friend to come to church because they are welcomed and will be ensured to hear the good news of forgiveness of sins and salvation through Jesus Christ. There is after all, no greater enticement for the soul than the need of Jesus Christ Himself.

​God Bless!